Substance Post-Delivery Kit


  • $25.00

 There is a lot going on post-delivery,  least to mention the challenges of healing after giving birth. That’s  why we’ve created our Post-Delivery Care set to help make things a  little easier for new mom’s recovery. This  indispensable set offers non-toxic, safe, natural and organic products  to help heal mom quickly, so she can focus on the important task of  caring for her newborn baby.

This Gift Set includes:
Herbal Sitz Bath
Cooling Spray for Mom
Nipple Cream
New Mama Comfort Tea 


Herbal Sitz Bath: Use for post-delivery soreness, hemorrhoids, yeast infections, bath tea for both mom & baby 

Cooling Spray for Mom: Use for post  natal soreness, hemorrhoids, vaginal irritation and hemorrhoids. Spray  as needed directly onto your sore parts, especially after a shower or  using the toilet. For extra cooling power store this spray in the fridge   

Nipple Cream: Use for chapped, cracked & sore nipples, c-section scar, baby’s chapped lips & cheeks, minor skin irritations 

New Mama Comfort Tea: Use  to help increase milk flow for nursing moms, post-delivery ”nutritive” tonic, relaxing tea 

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