Ameda Finesse Double Electric Breast Pump

  • $299.99

The Ameda Finesse Double Electric Breast Pump mimics the Ameda Platinum multi-user hospital grade breast pump waveform in a discreet, personal pump designed for daily use. Lightweight and portable for your on-the-go life.


  • Comfortflow™ technology for a smooth and more consistent sensation, meaning more milk
  • Closed system; proven barrier helps protect milk while keeping tubing dry and clean. o need to clean the tubing while milk stays safe.
  • Quiet Technology
  • HygieniKit Milk Collection System: Proven FDA-cleared barrier designed to protect pump, tubing and bottle against mold and viruses
  • Separate speed and suction dials with 32 fully customizable options for multiphase pumping
  • Adaptable for single or double pumping
  • Easy-to-clean surface, contemporary look
  • Power with AC adapter (included) or AA batteries (not included) for worry-free access to pumping
  • 2-year warranty
  • Long life
  • BPA Free

Why Finesse?

  • Achieve More Milk: Independent speed and suction controls allow you to choose settings most comfortable for an increased milk supply.
  • Establish More Milk: As used in Ameda’s hospital pumps, ComfortFlow™ Technology is designed to mimic baby’s natural suckling. This technology provides a comfortable and smooth feel for mom while pumping which is clinically proven to establish a better milk flow.

HygieniKit Milk Collection System:

  • Keep Milk Safe: Some leading breast pumps don’t prevent moisture and milk from getting into the tubing. Ameda’s true closed-system pump kit has the only FDA-cleared barrier that helps protect breast milk and baby from bacteria and viruses while pumping. Without an effective barrier, mold can grow in the tubing and pump.
  • Comfort: Different breast flange sizes that fit all Ameda breast pumps and kits to help make breast pumping more comfortable and efficient.


  • Finesse Double Electric Breast Pump
  • Dual HygieniKit Milk Collection System with 2 standard 25mm flanges and 2 4oz/120 ml Milk Storage Bottles
  • AC Power Adapter
  • 2 Extra Valves (for HygieniKit)
  • Instructions

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