Avanchy -Suction Plate & Spoon bamboo - Pink

Avanchy -Suction Plate & Spoon bamboo - Pink


  • $27.00

The perfect training infant divided plates for your little angel because  let's face it, sometimes feeding a child can be a messy job. The last  thing a parent wants is a spill and mess to clean up. Baby product brand  Avanchy is proud to announce the launch of their solution to this  problem, the Avanchy infant Suction Plate that is safe, fun and  attractive!

Lightweight, no-slip, beautiful bamboo baby  plate is the solution for cleaner, splash-free meals. Press the  Airtight-Lock mechanism onto the table and the play will stay in place.  Split into three compartments for more convenience.


  • Less mess & stress it easily attaches to any flat surface reducing spills, quick release tab at the bottom for easy removal
  • Removable silicone suction cup can be removed at any time for cleaning
  • Lasting sustainable materials

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