AppleCheeks Storage Sacs

  • $25.99

AppleCheeks Storage Sacs are specially designed to keep odours and moisture in. They preserve a controlled environment for your soiled cloth diapers between washes. Please note that our sacs are water-resistant, not waterproof.

The Size 1 Storage Sac is 15.5" high, 11" wide, and 3" deep. It's perfect for daily outings. Just throw it in your diaper bag and transport your dirty diapers with ease! And its use is not limited to dirty diapers, either. Use for extra changes of clothing, storage of dirty clothing, transportation of damp swimwear, shoe storage, luggage organization, etc.

The Size 2 Storage Sac is just the right size for a full-time kit, and can hold your entire collection of dirty diapers, while keeping odours in! Measuring 25" high, 20.5" wide, and 4.5" deep, and featuring a drawstring closure, our size 2 sac is designed for home storage.

These Sacs wash up like a dream so just throw them into your washload right along with your cloth diapers, and then hang to dry. What could be easier?

Made in Canada.

This is a final sale item. No exchanges or returns.

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