Baby Animals Spots & Stripes Board Book

Baby Animals Spots & Stripes Board Book


  • $7.95

Baby animals come in many different shapes and sizes, and many of those shapes and sizes are covered in spots or stripes. In Baby Animals Spots & Stripes, each turn of the page reveals a pair of adorable baby animals—one spotted and one striped. On the back cover of the book is a list of the animals featured (mammals, reptiles, birds, and fish). The book closes with a full-colour illustration of babies playing with toy versions of each animal.

The bold black-and-white patterns stimulate eyesight and brain development in infants. The recognition and naming of familiar animals promotes speech development in older babies and infants.


  • Age: 0-3 Years
  • Written & illustrated by: Phyllis Limbacher Tildes
  • ISBN: 9781580896085

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