Cheeky Monkey Baby & Toddler Sleep Seminar

Baby & Toddler Sleep Seminar

  • $15.00

No coupons are accepted for workshop registrations.

This workshop is non refundable. Workshop fee is per adult.

Does your baby or toddler...

  • Fall asleep while being nursed or with a bottle?
  • Take short naps (20-45 min) or no naps?
  • Wake up multiple times throughout the night?
  • Need the car seat or stroller for sleep?
  • Rely on a pacifier for sleep?

Join Khudeja Williams, owner of Sweet Dreams Sleep Consulting for a 1 hour in-depth sleep seminar followed by a 30 minute Q&A. If you are tired, ready for a change but you are overwhelmed by the different approaches then join us. You will get personal advice for YOUR child's specific sleep concerns, learn what the realistic expectations are for each age group & get some takeaway tips to get sleep started immediately. Babies in arms are welcome to attend this workshop.

Where: Cheeky Monkey (Wonderland & Southdale)

When: Tuesday April 30th from 6:00-7:30 pm

How To Register: In-store or online

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What our customers say about Khudeja...

"My husband and I turned to Khudeja out of desperation. Our eight month old woke up every 1-2 hours all night long and we had no idea how to stop it. We assumed he was a bad sleeper and thought we just had to get through it. Over the Christmas holidays I was at my breaking point. I was awake all night, every single night and dreaded going to bed. I recalled seeing an ad for Khudeja on the Cheeky Monkey website and my husband and I skeptically signed up for a 15 minute consultation. Khudeja was great during our initial call and guaranteed that she would have our son sleeping through the night within ten days. We laughed and laughed but were at our wits end and decided to go ahead. We were apprehensive but excited to start. The first night went better than expected and by the second night he slept 13 hours in a row! We were shocked and amazed. We still are! We are almost at the end of our two weeks with Khudeja and can't thank her enough. This has been life changing for our family. We were initially a little embarrassed to tell people that we had hired someone to help us help our baby sleep but now we tell anyone who will listen. This has truly been an amazing experience and I am so glad that we swallowed our pride and allowed Khudeja to help us. She followed through on all of the promises she made in our initial call and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her." - Alexis F.

"I was just reading Alexis review and agree, at first I was hesitant, not because I didn't think she could get my little guy sleeping, but because I was embarrassed to have to get help to get my little guy to sleep. We had to wake him from the very beginning for feeds every 2.5 hours ever since birth and he never seemed to be able to drop the habit. Then during the day, he turned into not being able to nap. This result in a very unhappy baby, resulting in a very unhappy mom. My little one became so fussy I was really struggling with him and he was always upset. I decided to bite the bullet as I knew he just wasn't getting enough sleep and wasn't happy. We took the leap and got Khudeja to help us with our 3 month old. I was very hesitate about dropping his feeds at night, but knew he should be able to do it as my older one was able to at this age. By night 4 we had no night feedings and he slept from 7:30 pm to 7:30 am all on his own! He is now consistently getting around 11 hours of sleep straight at night and taking naps anywhere from 1 to 2.5 hours in his crib by himself and going down fully awake without a soother. Before he either had to be held or slept in the car, and even then sometimes was only sleeping for 20 minutes. Khudeja helped us make our little guy happy again. Before he was fussing all the time! Now he is soo happy! He only fusses when it's around his nap/bed time and hardly anything at all in between. He is feeding so much better and doesn't want his soother anymore. I tell all my friends about it now, how it was a big game changer for us. I am just so happy my little guy is happy and he can truly enjoy things now without being over tired... it's the best gift I could have given both him and myself!" - Danielle M.

"He is doing amazing at night!!!" - Katie L.

"Thank you so much Khudeja! Sleep training has been life altering. Thank you for all of your help and support!" - Vicki N.

"Khudeja changed our life! She helped our little girl sleep through the night, fall asleep without pacifier, rocking, holding. She taught me and my husband to give our girl a chance and she will pleasantly surprise us! And she did. I tried sleep training with another consultant when my daughter was little under 3 months because she told me it was ok but it wasn’t, so we aborted the idea till she was 4 months but the sleep consultant lacked structure and personalized plan to help my daughter, it was a nightmare and I couldn’t stand my daughter crying and the lack of advice and knowledge so I gave up and would give my daughter pacifier to sleep, wake up 3-10 times a night, we would struggle to put her down for sleep for 1.5 to 2 hours. It was brutal. We hated bedtime routine, we were all cranky, tensed and stressed. I was extremely scarred because of my previous negative experience. Eventually when my daughter was 4.5 months I decided to try again but find someone who I felt really good about. I spoke with about 5 other sleep consultants while looking for the best one for us. Khudeja really stood out because she was professional but also friendly, she was direct and she had great knowledge to back up all her advice. She was extremely organized and the program she provided for Zofia was extremely detailed and really customized for us unlike in my previous experience. She explained so much to us and the science behind baby sleep which I found fascinating! All in all after 2 days within the program my daughter started sleeping through the night. She is much happier and so are we, naps and bedtime routines are so fun and we no longer dread it ! I am the happiest woman on the planet. I dreamed of my baby girl sleeping through the night and Khudeja made my dream come true! My husband and I can’t thank her enough." - Marta R.

"Khudeja was an absolute life saver. Before we contacted her, our 7 month old twins would be up all night on different schedules leaving me up 4-7 times a night. Both were of healthy weight and of course I contacted my doctor before trying this program, so I knew it had to just be a habit but I didn't know where to start and a lot of sleep consultants didn't work with multiples. Within two nights, her gentle program had our children sleeping through the night and working on 2 long, refreshing naps instead of 3 or 4 cat naps. She has been SO patient,THOROUGH and kind with my fiance and I. Khudeja makes you so feel confident in the program and reassures you throughout the whole process. Not only are our kids sleeping better, so is this mama!!! I can now enjoy my much deserved glass of wine while my perfect babies sleep the night away. Khudeja, You changed our lives!" - Leila H.

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