Bentgo Kid Lunch Box Tray

  • $12.99

 lease note: this is not meant as a lunch container (it is hard to open and not leak-proof). It is meant to be used as an extra storage container for the Bentgo Kids lunch box.

The Bentgo Kids Tray with Transparent Cover allows for easy meal prep by allowing you to pack your snacks and meals in your lunch tray while keeping them fresh – even when they aren't packed inside your Bentgo Kids lunch box. The tray has a great transparent cover so that you can easily see what's packed inside without opening the tray cover. Use this tray to pack your meals in advance then simply remove the cover and pop it into your Bentgo Kids lunch box (not included) when you’re ready to eat!

Product Dimensions:

21cm X 15cm X 5cm (8" X 6" X 2")

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