On The Farm - A Look Up, Look Around, Look Down Book

Thomas Allen & Son

  • $13.99

 It's three board books in one! Every animal helps the farm be strong and healthy. Explore up, down, and all around on the farm. You'll meet all sorts of animals along the way, from a chicken and a cow to a llama and a mouse. Look Up reminds us to look up at amazing things that are happening up above! In Look Around we will say hello to animals who live and work around the farm. Look Down gives us a peek at the animals and bugs that are busy underground and underwater. Come and explore today!

  • 3 books in 1! Includes three 10-page books to enjoy!
  • Discover the farm and the animals that live up in the trees, on the farm, underground, and in the water
  • Thick, chunky board pages for little hands to turn the page
  • Learn interesting facts about farm animals along with your toddler, introducing your little one to animals & habitats
  • Great for home, daycare, or schools 

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