Checkers and Dot Board Book

Checkers and Dot Board Book

  • $8.99

Welcome to the wonderfully patterned world of Checkers and Dot! This sweet and striking board book has been designed especially for babies and tots. With high-contrast, patterned art for developing eyes, simple but memorable rhyming text for reading aloud, and cute-as-a-button characters, J. Torres and J. Lum have created engaging first books that little ones and their loved ones will want to cozy up with and read again and again. A simple, sturdy, and stylish new series for those just beginning to look, listen, and learn.

Checkers and Dot begins with a hello and introduces the title characters and their pets, as well as patterns and shapes, before we say good-bye.


  • Age: 0-3 Years
  • Written by: J. Torres
  • Illustrated by: J. Lum
  • ISBN: 9781770494411

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