Magnesium Oil Spray

SO Luxury

  • $24.99

Magnesium Oil is for use at the end of the day to promote a sense of relaxation and well being through massage.  Apply before bedtime to the neck and shoulder area, lower back, legs or even the bottoms of your feet.
Ingredients: Distilled Water and Magnesium Chloride.  
Magnesium is known as the "relaxation mineral" relieves muscle tension and promotes a restful sleep.

How to Use: Adults 15 - 30 sprays topically rubbed into the skin. You may layer the sprays or apply to multiple areas until you reach desired number of sprays. Start with 15 sprays and increase by 5 sprays until you find your #magoilmagic number. Allow to dry completely before contact with any fabrics. May leave a salty residue and can be rinsed off after 20 minutes. 31% Concentration


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