Momma Goose Amber Adult Bracelets

  • $25.99

This bracelet is made with beads of genuine Baltic Amber from Lithuania. Amber is a tree resin that has been fossilized for millions of years. When worn against the skin, the skins warmth releases healing oils from the amber, providing anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects. Historically, Baltic Amber has been used as a traditional remedy for many ailments.

  • Adult Bracelets are approximately 7.5" long
  • You will want to keep the amber from lotions, polishes, waxes and other residues that might coat the surface of the stones creating a barrier from the healing succinic acid.
  • Amber can be worn in the bath but not in the pool or hot tubs where chemicals are harmful to the amber.
  • If the necklace needs to be washed, use warm water only, no soap.

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