Squishable Mini - Babe the Blue Ox

Squishable Mini - Babe the Blue Ox

  • $25.99

 It was so cold, so the story goes, that even the snow turned blue! That frigid winter, lumberjack par excellance Paul Bunyan came across a tiny little baby ox, blue from the snow, adopted him and named him Babe. Even as he grew big and strong ("as an ox," you might say), he remained as blue as the snow that winter! "Balderdash!" you might say, and with good reason. As any photo of the Arctic will tell you, when snow gets very cold, it...stays white. Oxen do not grow to massive sizes in proportion to their owners. That leaves only one reasonable explanation for the science-minded: this Ox is a superhero!

 Choose your origin story: alien origin, weird chemicals, mad scientists, spells - that's how you get a gigantic Blue Ox! 

PRODUCT DETAILS7 squishy inches of SuperOx. All new polyester fiber, ages 3 and up only! 

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