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Life With Piper - We all know that navigating pregnancy and parenting for the first time isn't easy. Join Emily as she shares tips, advice, laughs and reviews along her journey of raising her daughter, Piper. "Life with Piper" is all about her pregnancy, postpartum and parenting and all of the products and tips she loved (and didn't love) along the way.

Sometimes, when you are so close to the end of your pregnancy, it is hard to see what you really love about it. The aches, pains, sleeplessness, and gawking colleagues, make it easy to come up with a list of things you DON’T love. Ever the optimist, I stayed positive and have come up with everything I loved about late pregnancy. Here it is, as few and far between as it sometimes felt.

The Nursery: Never considering myself much of a décor lover, this was a fun project that got my mind off of heartburn and on to making sure I had every detail ready for her room. Paint chips, picture frames and nursery bedding all consumed my free time, but I loved it. Take time to plan out your space keeping in mind function and style. I will admit that the nursery went almost unused for a few months until she “moved in” from our room, but having it all ready made coming home from the hospital even more special.

The Belly Sling: I could not live without my trusty Belly Sling. Every morning, I would strap her on and waddle my way to work. It was so comfortable and really took the pressure off of my pelvis and hips. I had a few occasions when I would actually drive back home to grab it because I could not go an entire day without having it on. It was a must-have item. I LOVED it!

Body Pregnancy Pillow: I am not one to love body pillows but this was a must at the end of my pregnancy! Being forced to only sleep on your side made for some sleepless nights; my hips hurt, my back hurt and turning over in the night seemed comparable to a hippo flipping over. The pregnancy pillow helped to support my body just where I needed it most. I can say that my husband hated this pillow as it gave him slightly less room in the bed, however he was not pregnant so the pillow stayed.

Bath Salts: I loved the Substance Butterfly Weed Healing Bath Crystals. Although this is primarily used for after you give birth, it was still very soothing and helped with tired, achy legs and feet after a long day at work. “Take a bath now while you can” was advice I always heard but never took seriously, but I’m glad I did enjoy those last quiet baths before baby.

Nursing Bras: A definite must for me. I grabbed a few nursing bras before giving birth for a few reasons. First, my pre-pregnancy bras were far too small and uncomfortable and second, I wanted to have some in case I had the baby earlier than expected. I made sure to get measured and fitted for the perfect bra size to allow for a comfortable and supportive fit. I am so glad I did as I ended up wearing my nursing bras for a few weeks before Piper came along and am still wearing them as I write this. I love Bravado nursing bras (all styles) as they stand up to the test of time and lots of washes. I purchased a Cake bra after Piper was born and loved that too. More on bras in another blog post!

Prenatal Activities: For me, this was pre-natal yoga. There are so many prenatal programs and activities to join. I loved getting out and meeting new friends and sharing our experiences of pregnancy all the while staying active. It’s a great way to meet others who live on your end of town or who you might see at “books for babies” once they arrive.

Although you might feel uncomfortable, enjoy these last few weeks or months of pregnancy as much as you can. Go on a date with your partner, take a relaxing bath, go shopping alone and soak it in. In a few short weeks, your world will change and you will meet your greatest LOVE of all, your new baby.

- Emily, Life With Piper

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