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Life With Piper - We all know that navigating pregnancy and parenting for the first time isn't easy. Join Emily as she shares tips, advice, laughs and reviews along her journey of raising her daughter, Piper. "Life with Piper" is all about her pregnancy, postpartum and parenting and all of the products and tips she loved (and didn't love) along the way.

My essential oil journey began as a desperate search for Piper to sleep. I had seemingly tried it all, but with no success. One sleepless morning at 4 am, I sent a message to a friend asking for help and hoping that essential oils could be my answer. I had heard of essential oils before, but I was hesitant that they would work for Piper. I am always looking for a healthier and natural alternative so it seemed like essential oils could be a perfect fit.

My friend then invited me to an essential oils class and I learned that essential oils can help with a plethora of issues: sleep, colds, headaches, digestive issues, muscle aches and so much more. I purchased a “Family Physician Kit” and made over my medicine cabinet right away, replacing our commonly used over the counter medications for oils. The kit had exactly what I needed to get started.

I mixed some “Serenity” in some coconut oil and diligently applied it to her feet each night for the next two weeks. At first, I thought nothing of it, just an extra step in our post-bath routine. Within 2 weeks, my husband and I realized that her sleep was getting better and better. Suddenly she is only up once a night and having nice long stretches of sleep through the night.

I still was not convinced that it was the oils that helped, so I decided to try some other oils in the Family Physician Kit. With each essential oil I tried, a new success. It helped support my family’s bodies with chronic headaches, athlete’s foot and colds all within the first few months of using oils. I then shared with family and friends and could not stop hearing about success stories and how the oils worked for them as well. After that, I was a believer!

Essential oils have truly changed the way we live and the way we deal with health issues in our family. They are the first thing we turn to before anything else and have been a sleep saver for my husband and I.

- Emily, Life With Piper

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