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Life With Piper

Life With Piper - We all know that navigating pregnancy and parenting for the first time isn't easy. Join Emily as she shares tips, advice, laughs and reviews along her journey of raising her daughter, Piper. "Life with Piper" is all about her pregnancy, postpartum and parenting and all of the products and tips she loved (and didn't love) along the way.

In my experience, leaving the hospital after Piper was born was both exciting and terrifying. Like many new moms, leaving the security of helpful nurses in the hospital and keeping a newborn content was a whole new challenge. I received a crash course from my nurses about poops, feedings, purple crying, and more; but now she’s here, she’s mine and she’s a real live baby living in my house! After a very slow drive home (I think my husband drove 30km/hr the entire way home), an overly careful car seat transfer, and a tour of her new room; I sat down in our glider and thought “now what?”. Here is my best advice and my favourite products:

First, surround yourself with helpful and supportive people. If you don’t have those people, give yourself the space you need until you get the hang of things. Don’t be afraid or too proud to ask for help! Most friends are happy to come over and unload the dishwasher, throw a load of laundry in the dryer or hold the baby while you shower. Let the little things go; like housework, laundry, and cleaning. I worried about the cleanliness of my home or having food ready when visitors came over and wished I had let it go. Visitors don’t care about if your pillows are fluffed, they just want to help you and maybe tickle some newborn toes, too.

There were also many great products that helped me adjust to my new life as a mom in those first few days and weeks at home:

I was gifted a 3 Sprouts Caddy that I filled with all of my nursing must haves. I toted it around the house, from bedroom to glider to couch. I filled it with Bamboobies Nursing Pads (I loved the soft feel and absorbency of these bamboo nursing pads). Earth Mama Angel Baby Nipple Butter (I loved that this was a toxin-free nipple cream that worked on my oh-so-sore nipples). Extra receiving blankets and burp cloths (Mom tip- receiving blankets can be used for almost anything baby related. Need a burp cloth in a pinch? Receiving blanket. Need a change pad to cover the public washroom table? Receiving blanket. Need to fashion a diaper when you are out and forgot to pack extra? Receiving blanket. Maybe the last one is a stretch, but I’m sure it has happened!)

Herbal Baths: Take 20 minutes to yourself and take an herbal bath. I am not a bath person, but I loved Substance Butterfly Weed Healing Bath Crystals. It was both soothing after childbirth but also gave me some down time to myself. On the same thread of self-care after childbirth, the Earth Mama Angel Baby New Mama Bottom Spray is a must. Soothing and cooling and perfect for after you use the restroom. Take home the peri-bottle given to you at the hospital as well, you will be glad you have it!

Westcoast Bamboo Baby Kimono: is both easy and adorable and was worn almost daily until she outgrew it. Made with bamboo, it is super soft and easy for quick diaper changes.

Lulujo Muslin Swaddle Blankets: these are just as multi-purpose as receiving blankets. They can double as a nursing cover, car seat cover, and light weight blanket in a pinch.

Gumdrop Soother: Against all my wishes and hopes that we would never have a baby addicted to a soother, on the second night we were home, we caved. Everyone has a different opinion on soothers and I was told it was a risky decision as a brand new nursing mom, but we did what was best for us at the time. This teeny little silicone soother was a small piece of heaven when we came home.

Lastly, the once terrifying thought of “now what?” has become a more predictable question during each phase and stage of Piper’s life. The experience of each stage has built up my confidence so when that familiar question arises, I have the tools to answer it with relative ease. During your first week home, enjoy their wobbly little head snuggling into your neck, their little legs tucked into your chest, the scent of their sweet newborn smell, and save one extra newborn diaper for their memory box because you will not believe that they were once that little.

- Emily, Life With Piper

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