Glitter & Spice - Silicone Pacifier

Glitter & Spice

  • $8.99

We all know that peace and quiet can be hard to come by with newborns. Comfort and soothe your little one with our adorable silicone pacifiers! Whether your little one is fussy or needs some help getting to sleep at bedtime, our pacifiers are a must-have when it comes to keeping your little one (and you) happy!Benefits of Pacifiers:- Encourage little ones to self-soothe: Pacifiers can be very helpful in comforting your little one during times of distress because the suckling action can help babies to self-soothe.- Satisfy the suck reflex: Because most babies have a strong sucking reflex even when they are not hungry, a pacifier can satisfy this desire for non-nutritive sucking. Non-nutritive sucking has also been shown to provide pain relief.