Bumbo Multi Seat


  • $79.00

 The 3-in-1 Bumbo Multi Seat™ can be used as a floor, feeding, or booster as soon as your child can sit unassisted up to three years old. Retractable chair straps allow the baby to join the rest of the family at the kitchen table, while the height-adjustable base and removable, foam cushioning allows the Multi Seat to grow with your child.


  • Adjustable height
  • Retractable chair straps
  • Tray attachment (found on the back of the seat)
  • 3-point harness
  • Wide, non-slip base (full contact with the floor)
  • Soft Bumbo foam cushion (remove to create space for growing child)
  • Built-in storage for Tray, Foam Insert, Chair Straps
  • Easy to clean

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