Fertile Mind BellyBelt Combo Kit

  • $29.99

You’ve got a wardrobe full of great clothes, why limit yourself? The BellyBelt is an easy and inexpensive way to transform your favourite jeans, skirts and shorts into maternity wear! Simply button it into your pants and add a fabulous top.

The BellyBelt Combo Kit is the ultimate maternity wear solution! This complete kit has everything you need to turn button fastening and slide fastening bottoms into maternity wear. It keeps you covered with three panels in denim, black and white to coordinate with your wardrobe.


  • 2 Button Up BellyBelts® in different sizes (3 settings)
  • 2 Slide BellyBelts® in different sizes (2 settings)
  • 3 polyester/cotton panels (blue, black and white) shaped for minimal bunch


  • 65% Polyester and 35% Cotton
  • Made in Indonesia
  • Cool machine wash before use
  • Do not bleach, tumble dry, iron or dry clean

How To Use:

  • Slip the BellyBelt® that's most suited to your size through a fabric panel
  • Button BellyBelt® into your pants or skirt using existing buttons and buttonholes
  • Tuck in the panel, then simply add your favourite maternity top, shirt or jacket!


How long can I wear it? Each pregnancy is different, but BellyBelt® can be worn by some women until they go into labour! It depends on how your pregnancy progresses and what's in your wardrobe already. Stretchy or slightly larger clothes (to accommodate a growing bottom and legs) maximise the wear you'll get from your BellyBelt®. If your BellyBelt® feels uncomfortable in any way, we suggest you go up to the next belt size, or discontinue wearing.

Can I wear low rise jeans? Low rise jeans can be worn with a BellyBelt® but not for as long as higher-waisted jeans.

How can I make the BellyBelt® sit smoothly? BellyBelt® can be worn alone or with the fabric panels over the top. The smallest belt is smoother and more easily concealed if worn without a panel.

How about garments that fasten at the back? Back fastening skirts and pants can be worn with the BellyBelt®, but not for as long as front or side fastening garments. Sometimes the skirt can be spun around so the back sits at the front, which can increase the usability of BellyBelt®. Regardless of where your garments fasten, most clothes can be adapted into maternity wear with the BellyBelt®.

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