Robeez- Socks 3pk

Robeez- Socks 3pk


  • $10.00

Soft stretchy nylon band with a twisted knot centre and tuxedo shaped  bow made of soft nylon material. Available in cute modern colours that  make a fashionable baby easy to accessorize.

A perfect 'grow  with me' hair accessory because the nylon is very stretchy. The bow  spans about 9.6 cm in length and 8 cm in height. Knot is about 2.5 cm  length. These headbands are made with nylon. Envision your sheer  stockings so stretchy and comfy and don't leave marks on your legs,  right?...Well, that super soft material is the secret to this delightful  hairband!

It fits newborns up to toddlers very comfortably. Hand wash only so it lasts a long time! 

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